Referral Rewards Program

As a Client of Accurate Home Inspections of America, LLC, you may contact me at any time if you have questions about anything related to the condition of your home, or home of a friend, relative, or business associate. To that end,  you also are automatically eligible for our Referral Rewards Program. The program is quite simple and allows you to earn your complete property inspection fee back. But you dont have to stop there. You can keep on earning money each time you refer someone to us for a property inspection.
Here is how it works:
Simply click here to download a page of three Referral Rewards Program gift checks, print them out, and cut them apart. Put your name on the line where it says Client name, and put the name of the person you are referring on the line where it says Referral name. Give it to your friend, family member, contractor or business associate. The Referral name will receive $20 off their Home Inspection. When we complete a property inspection for that person, we will send you a $20 check. Thats right! Cash, to spend as you see fit. You can give gift checks to whomever you want, and each time one of them comes back to us, we will send you a $20 check simply for referring them to us. That is a $40 value per coupon! And once they become a Client of ours, they are automatically eligible for our Referral Rewards Program,too! I also try to refer business to my Clients whenever possible. Please contact me and let me know what business you are in and how I can refer people to you or to your company.
Richard Ross
This offer not valid to realtors, mortgage agents or any other parties involved in the transaction of the sale of property.
(239) 271-8499
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